ATTENTION - Our Entertainment Permit is being suspended by the City of Sacramento regarding minor violations such as loud music, patio doors that aren't supposed to be open, late taco stand, locks on doors, etc. According to them we are not a safe place to be operating, this is completely out of our control but we apologize if we did make anyone ever feel that way, we genuinely wanted to provide a place where you feel safe. The judge decided to review it and make a final decision in 30 days but until the official say we are unable to operate as a Night Club as of today, Sept 15th, 2022. It is very unfortunate that this is happening now on the weekend of Mexican Independence and the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. We were looking forward to celebrating our culture with you as we have always made it a safe place for the latin community. We are still a restaurant and bar that will be open late Friday and Saturday nights until 3am until further notice. Join us for drinks and food!